A course created for those that want to learn how to achieve their dream body.

With special tips on how to start and keep consistent with your training and nutrition to achieve that goal!

Unfortunately a majority of women still don’t understand the power of strength training, healthy eating habits, and how movement can transform their lives forever.
I know a lot of women who do tons of cardio, yo-yo dieting, are over training without prioritizing rest days, and even ones doing the opposite.. they don’t exercise because of lack of time, or they simply lack consistency.
Some even spend a lot of money on supplements, teas, waist trainers, and cosmetic treatments that are advertised to boost fat loss, thinking that will give them the best, sustainable and longing results.
There is a saying that says: “1% per day is a mindset, not a goal” if you want to build consistency and achieve your goals.
No matter where you are starting from, building consistency and doing 1% each day takes time. It’s not where you are at, but where you are going.
Imagine these two scenarios:
On one side there is a women who has the courage to make a change and get help from a good coach who guides her throughout her fitness journey, holding her hands and educating her on evidence based practice until she reaches and maintains her goal.
On the other is a women who is lost and confused.  Maybe she doesn’t know how to start or what to do to reach her goal. Or maybe she is trying, but just continues to spin her wheels, stuck without the results she is after.
Which of these women do you think will get faster and potentially life changing results?
Now is the time to break all the chains, barriers and myths that are holding you back from getting the results that you deserve.
In this free course Sculpt Your Core, Strengthen Your Glutes, I will show you the benefits a glute and core focused strength training program combined with adequate nutrition can bring you, especially for those that are just starting without any experience.
I will prove to you that women can do strength training without looking “bulky” while feeling empowered, getting stronger, and feeling more comfortable in their own skin, all while healing your relationship with food, and having rest days to enjoy a social life full of energy. And yes, you will grow strong shapely glutes while shredding fat and building a functional core!
This course will also help those of you that already started your fitness journey lifting weights, but still feel lost, not motivated, stuck, or just not seeing results. Don't fall into the trap of seeing a random fitness influencer doing some exercises and expect the same results: There is a correct way to train and eat accordingly to your UNIQUE goals.
I want to help you transform your reality!
In this free course I will show you simple strategies and important techniques that will allow you to take off in achieving your goals.