Reclaim Your Body, Refocus Your Efforts, Reinvent Yourself.

“Walk the path while you help light the way for others to follow”-unknown

About Cris

Cris McGuire has walked multiple paths in life, from devoted mother of two daughters (the youngest born at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic) to Brazilian attorney, to Paralegal, and most recently to Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), coach, and entrepreneur. Cris works full-time as a Paralegal for the Employment/Education practice group in a local law office. Cris is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. She has consistently maintained a healthy and fit lifestyle by participating in organized team sports, running ½ marathons, or strength training.


Cris’s most recent fitness journey began after the birth of her second child. Fostered by her desire to RECLAIM her body and set the stage for long-term health and wellness, she developed a plan to REFOCUS her efforts on postpartum recovery to progress to safely building glute strength and muscle mass while maintaining a sculpted, functional core and pelvic floor. Throughout this journey, she was able to REINVENT herself. From her results and the rigorous review of strength and nutrition research, the evidence-based program she presents to you emerged, as did an ever-growing desire to help guide other like-minded individuals along the same pathway she has taken.


Cris is GGS Certified Pre- & Postnatal CoachNASM-Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed and Certified WERQ® Dance Fitness Instructor, Licensed and Certified Pumped Up Strength Instructor, and Certified through the American Safety Health Institute on Basic Life Support (CPR/EAD), Emergency use of Medical Oxygen and Adult First Aid. Cris has been training clients at a local Lexington, Kentucky (USA) gym since December 2021.


Cris is married to Ryan McGuire. Ryan is a Board Certified Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapist, an assistant professor in the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences Department of Physical Therapy, and continues to practice in the sports rehabilitation clinic where he has treated high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes throughout his career, and also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA).