BW Squats


Align your feet with a stance that you prefer. Normally I prefer shoulder width with feet slowly turned out. Breathe and hold about 70% of breath, brace your core like you are about to get punched in your belly and only release breath out when you are close to the top on your way back. Repeat the same for each rep. Treat each rep important, be patient and focus on your form while being rhythmic. Maintain core tight. Pelvic floor in neutral position. Spine and head/neck in neutral position. Don’t do the “butt wink” at the bottom. Go deep as you can while maintaining a good form. If you don’t have a good ankle mobility, try standing your heels on a wedge or a 5 lb plate each side to see if it helps you to go deeper. Don’t cave your knees in. Knees follow your toes. Avoid shooting hips when you come back up. Feet are like a tripod on the floor, but you can push through your heels to feel more glutes activation on your way up.