BW Hip Thrust



Position upper back on a plyobox/bench/declined bench with chin tucked slightly, feet about shoulder width apart and knees bent with glutes resting on the floor, engage your core. End of shoulder blades on the bench.



Engage your glutes and drive your hips up pushing through your heels and keeping your back straight and pivoting through your upper back, when your shoulders, hips and knees are in a straight line stop the movement.  Maintain your shins in a vertical position to bias the glutes at the top position. Slightly drop out of the end of the movement, and then return to the end of the movement, completing as many pulses as prescribed. Return to the start



Keep your chin tucked like you are holding an orange between your chin and sternum.

Do not flare out your ribs

Feet far apart will bias the hamstrings, closer together will bias the quads

Squeeze the glutes hard at the top of the movement

Do not let your knees cave in

Maintain a neutral spine position, do not overarch your low back