Barbell Hip Thrust (scoop method)


How to perform Barbell Hip Thrust (scoop method):

First, set up the barbell with a bumper plate (big diameter plates), use a barbell foam/pad/sponge to protect your hips and prevent bruising. Put a bench behind you safe close to a wall or rack or with two 45 lbs plates behind to prevent bench from moving and causing an accident. Or use the Thruster.

Slide the barbell close to your body and hold the barbell. Chins tucked in – think like holding an orange with your chins. Look forward. Brace your core like you are about to get punched in your belly and only release breath out when you are close to the bottom on your way back. Maintain core tight at all times. Place the end of your shoulder blades on the bench.

Push barbell though your heels but feet is on the floor for stabilization.

Scoop method you maintain your chins tucked and move only your sternum down by posterior pelvic tilting.

Maintain your shins in vertical position at the top to bias glutes. If you put your feet far away you will feel more your hamstring. If you put feet too close you will more your quads.

Squeeze the glutes hard at the top.

If your bench is very high you can go as much as you maintain your body in place and reverse mid-air to prevent from your shoulder blades getting out of the place. You can use a step setup or a decline bench. The Thruster or the glute bench from BC Strength store is recommended.

Don’t let knees cave in.  Maintain Spine neutral, don’t hyperextend your back. Maintain ribs down. Make sure you lockout with a full hip extension at the top while pelvic floor and spine and is in neutral position.