Barbell Bench Press (closed grip)


How to perform:


Sit on a bench, slide your feet back behind you with knees bent. Fee can either be flat or up on your toes slightly. Lay back on a bench, eyes centered over the bar. Use the small knurl rings as markers for hand placement, assume a more narrow grip then normal, arms at about 75 degrees of abduction. Arch your back and lightly squeeze your shoulder blades to get up more on the upper part of your back, engage your glutes and core


Unrack the bar and bring it down slowly towards your upper chest, then press it back out towards start position, bar path should travel in a slight arc


Use your entire body to complete the press back up, push through your feet and keep your glutes squeezed to push your upper back down into the bench as you press up

Do not let your elbows flare out to the sides during the movement