B-Stance Barbell Romanian Deadlift (RDL)



How to perform B-Stance Barbell Romanian Deadlift (RDL):

Set the barbell on the rack with a height a few inches above your knees. Notice if the barbell is going down and up in a straight line as possible close to your legs – think of painting your legs. Align your feet with a narrow stance. Normally I recommend shoulder width (jump up and land, this is your stance). Lock your lats – arms used only to hold the bar (think of arms being ropes with hooks). Breathe and maintain core tight and grab the barbell and give 1-2 steps back. Place your working leg in the front and it will have 70% of the load, place your rear leg at the same level as the heels of your front legs for stabilization and it will have only 30% of the load. After you complete the reps in one leg, switch legs and do it on the other side. Chins tucked in – think like holding an orange with your chins. Breathe and hold about 70% of breath, brace your core like you are about to get punched in your belly and only release breath out when you are close to the top on your way back. Repeat the same for each rep. Treat each rep important, be patient and focus on your form. Maintain core tight. Stiff spine. Pelvic floor in neutral position. Spine and neck in neutral position. Don’t round your back. Don’t hyperextend your head/neck to see yourself in the mirror. Don’t hyperextend your back on your lockout at the top. Try to come up with your body moving like a unit. This is a hinge movement, so think of moving your butt back like pushing a door shut with your butt or like someone behind you pulling your hips back with a rope. Push butt as hard as you can and when they can’t go any further come back up. There is a little knee flexion to make it more glutes and less hamstring. You don’t need to go down to the floor and have an excessive range of motion, if you do is more lower back than glutes. So the bar goes normally just below knees.